Premier Nutrition's Feed Additive Program for Show Lamb and Goat Projects

Premier Nutrition is proud to offer our solution for optimizing genetic potential in show lambs and goats through feed additive technology.

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PROGUT - A unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics, sacchromyces cerevisiae, and digestive enzymes that provides dietary support for a healthy balance of intestinal micro flora.

BYPASS 2000 - The leader in Bypass protein technology. ByPass 2000 contains a balance of highly digestible rumen by-pass protein sources that supply the animal a proper ratio of by-pass amino acids to assure maximal muscle expression is achieved. ByPass 2000 has established itself as the leader in By-Pass protein technology for the livestock show industry. We speculate more champions (sheep, goats, and steers) have been fed ByPass 2000 than any other protein supplement on the market.

FRESH AIRe - Specifically formulated for Show Goats and Lambs. If you are exercising (especially using a track dog) or causing stress to your animal, there is FRESH AIRe. Based on wheat germ and L-glutamine technology to help with optimum breathing and recovery from exercise or any other types of stress your show animal will encounter. FRESH AIRe simply helps animals feel and perform better.

HYDRATORx - For proper fluid and muscle hydration prior to, during, and after a show, there is HYDRATORx. AKA the "Elite Fluid Replacement System" for all show animals.

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